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We are finally working on some package for the Neural DSP® Quad Cortex modeler hardware unit and will be so easy to download and install thanks to the Cortex app which allows you to download presets, captures and impulse responses through the cloud.

We will release 3 different packages:

  1. RAW AMP Captures pack

  2. CAPTURE Presets pack

  3. PEDAL Captures pack

RAW AMP Captures Pack: includes various settings of only the raw amplifier, without any cabinets or pedals; really useful to create your own routing choosing from the different settings of the amplifier and build your tone. With this package you basically receive only the RAW amp sound, it's up to you the routing development with pedals, delays, reverbs etc.

CAPTURE Presets Pack: includes presets developed by Presets For All including some of the RAW AMP Captures of the previous explained pack.

PEDAL Captures: Captures of various settings of boutique and series pedals, really high quality point to point hand made pedals and more.

Please suggest us what are you searching for, so we can develop packages for your needs

Click the link below

will take only 1 minute.

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