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SATAN 120 is based on the famous Randall Satan 120W Ola Englund Signature Amplifier.

The Randall Satan is an Ola Englund Signature Guitar Valve Amplifier Head, 120 Watts, 2 Channels, with a Switchable Boost and Sweep Control. Ola Englund is, without a doubt, one of the few musicians in the metal scene who is constantly working and improving. With thousands and thousands of subscribers, millions of click on YouTube, one can say Englund is quite the celebrity. He has earned much respect as a guitarist for Six Feet Under, The Haunted and his own band Feared.

The Satan is an All tube head with Active/Passive inputs, preset “kill” boost mode, 6irth&6rind- Low/High Frequency Gain controls, and the sweep function provides variable tone stack frequency point control. With a full EQ for both channels, Presence/Depth power amp voicing, Push/Pull bias controls, Series/Parallel Loop, Heavy duty metal front/rear grills, corners and edging, this is the ideal amp for those attempting to replicate Ola Englund's sound, or begin to create their own.

RAW AMP BUNDLE Captures Pack: includes 87 settings of only the raw amplifier, without any cabinets or pedals; really useful to create your own routing choosing from the different settings of the amplifier and build your tone. With this package you basically receive only the RAW amp sound, it's up to you the routing development with pedals, delays, reverbs etc.

CAPTURE PRESETS Pack: includes 4 presets with 3 scenes available per each preset developed with relative RAW Captures Pack, 1 per each channel pack.

All presets includes our premium IR packs.

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