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A legendary amplifier, difficult to find, and difficult to make it sound great, middle and treble knobs act differently than usual. Middle is more toward the bass range, the Notch switch cuts the mids A LOT!

BUT, said that, it's a super versatile amplifier, with pristine bright clean channel, unbelievable crunch channel that chugs as f*ck and the lead powerful for guitar solos. Push it with boost pedals and you get a tight machine!

RAW AMP BUNDLE Captures Pack: includes 52 settings of only the raw amplifier, without any cabinets or pedals; really useful to create your own routing choosing from the different settings of the amplifier and build your tone. With this package you basically receive only the RAW amp sound, it's up to you the routing development with pedals, delays, reverbs etc.

CAPTURE PRESETS Pack: includes 8 presets with 3 scenes available per each preset developed by Presets For All including RAW AMP + boutique pedals + our premium IRs.

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