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  • Can I use this presets in my BIAS FX 1 or 2 Software?
    Maybe. All our Bias AMP Desktop 1 or 2 packs version can be used with Bias FX 1 or 2, BUT since you need the "match" feature provided with the Bias AMP Full version, you still need to have installed the AMP Desktop version even if you will not use it. BIAS FX will communicate with BIAS AMP version to guarantee you the right matched sound.
  • I cannot install the downloaded BIAS AMP presets, What can I do?"
    When you downloaded the presets pack had also been provided an "install instruction" file. There are 2 provided solutions. The 1st solution works in some computers, the 2nd solution for sure works in every machine. Be sure to follow every steps to get 100% working presets. If you other problems please contact us via e-mail:
  • The presets sound different than shown in the video
    The presets sound must be 95% the same as shown in the video. Could be possible little variations due to the type of your guitar, woods, most important different pickups. Due to different pickups is possible to get higher or lower gain, this depends on your type of pickups. Active pickups could push more the input so you will get more preamp saturation. All our presets ahd been developed with a Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar with Humbucker Alnico V pickups as reference. You may have to adjust the input of your audio interface, we recommend to use 0 db of input preamp gain of your audio interface
  • What is an IR, and what does it mean?"
    IR means Impulse Response, and basically it looks like an audio file in .wav format. This audio file, if you try to play it using iTunes or whatever audio players, will not reproduce any sound (well you will listen a brief impulse), and it will be very brief, milliseconds. This because it is only an "impulse" and what this impulse includes is an equalization. This EQ is very detailed, impossible to recreate with normal EQ, and that represents the cabinet/speaker/mic EQ. So an IR is a basically an instant image of what a mic, placed in a specific position is capturing from a speaker loaded into a specific cabinet.
  • How can I use the IR pack I just downloaded?
    Every Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses must be used AFTER the amplifier and INSTEAD of the cabinet. (NormalRouting) Guitar --> Ampplifier --> Cabinet --> microphone --> Audio Interface (with IR) Guitar --> Amplifier --> IR You can use the impulse response file with whatever type of software or hardware that can read and load a .wav impulse response such as Lecab, Open Air for Presonus, Space Designer for Logic, Voxengo Boogex, KeFIR, NadIR, etc. IMPORTANT: the IR loader plugin should be set to. 100% WET and 0% DRY Signal, this because you have to understand the the IR is your cabinet, so all the signal from your amp should go through the cabinet.
  • Can I use an IR with Amp Simulator plugin?
    Yes, If you use an amp simulator (for example Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Pod Farm ecc), just BYPASS the cab into the software and load the impulse response after the amp simulator, adjust the volume and play. Some amp simulator could not have the possibility to load an IR instead of a cabinet simulation, so you have to load the IR using an external IR loader plugin, so you also have to bypass any post effects you have after the cabinet you already bypassed insode the amp simulator software. You have always to keep in mind the normal routing of the guitar signal: (NormalRouting) Guitar --> Ampsim (stomps/amp/cab/efx/racks) (with IR in software) Guitar --> Ampsim (stomps/amp/bypassed cab/IR/efx/racks (with IR loader plugin). Guitar --> Ampsim (stomps/amp/bypassed cab)/IR loader/efx plugins
  • Can I use IR with Real Amplifier for Silent Recording?
    Yes, If you use a real external amp (for example Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Engl, Revv Generator, etc), just connect the send FX of your amp to the IN of your audio interface (switch to line input) and load the impulse response in the FX insert of the audio track using an IR loader plugin, adjust the volume and play. Suggestion: In this way remember that you are not using the "poweramp" section of your amplifier, so you could get a bit darker and not powerful sound. Is better to use then a poweramp simulator plugin like Wall Of Sound by Two Notws for example.IMPORTANT: if you use a real amp, remember to use it in Stand-By mode so the sound will not go through the Amp section but only the Preamp section and will not go to the cabinet so you can record in silent mode. We reccomend to connect ALWAYS a cab, otherwise you can damage the transformer and tubes if you use the amp without a cabinet and not in Stand-By mode. Hardware IR Loader If you have an hardware IR loader or loadbox like the Torpedo Captor X for example, you can directly load our IR and record and play in silent mode using all the sections of your amplifier (preamp and poweramp). This is the best way.
  • How to use a DAW Template?
    All our templates are ready for immediate use. You are prepared to write / record music immediately. Everything is clearly described, routed, and mixed. If you already have your audio or MIDI tracks recorded, simply drag & drop them into the project
  • Is it a good idea to purchase a DAW template if I'm a beginner?
    This is exactly the purpose of our DAW Templates. Mainly a template can easily help people who don't know so much about mixing and mastering, so we developed DAW Templates that allow you to save more time and dedicate only to the recording process. Or if you already have an old project with recorded tracks, you can simply drag and drop them into the template and get completely different sound. Remember all our DAW Templates are already mixed and mastered to get finish song with professional commercial levels.
  • Which Plugins do I need?
    Every DAW Template Package is clearly described, or a screenshot with a list of the necessary plugins is included. Please read the descriptions very carefully! If you buy a product for which you do not have the required plugins, I can not give you any financial compensation or "exchange" for another. You'll need to purchase the missing plugins.
  • Which are the accepted payments?
    In our Shop you can decide to pay securely via Paypal or Credit Card. We accepts the majority of Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network. The fastest way to pay is by PayPal but you can use also your credit cards without problem and in safe since the credit cards payments are processed by Stripe service.
  • When I'll receive my purchased digital product?
    INSTANTLY! After successful payment, you will receive immediately a download link to get and save your purchased product. The file will be downloaded in .zip format so you will need an unzip software to unpack it and use it. if after some time for some unfortunate case you lose the product you can re-download it from your account.
  • Can I try before buy?
    Some of our packages have some files to try for example Kemper packs and Amplitube packs have the possibility to try one or two of the included presets before purchase the whole pack, but normally you cannot try it before buy like a "trial mode" since are digital products ready to use without license.
  • Can I return a product?
    in the majority of cases the best answer is NO since we sell non-tangible digital goods but for more information and to know which are the cases where we can offer a partial or full refund, please read the Refund Policy page.
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