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ENGEL INVASION - is now available for Quad Cortex too!

ENGEL INVASION is based on the famous ENGL Invader II E642II Amplifier.

If you’re on the hunt for peerless tones and variety, the Invader II gives you a flexibility that is second to none.

The Engl Invasion 2 is a 100W amplifier divided into 4 different channels, Clean, Crunch, Lead 1 and Lead 2 with tons of flexibility!

High Gain switch to jump into an high saturation structure and a wizard module to sculpt the tone even more!

The packs include:

  • 102 RAW guitar amp captures (DI AMP Only for RAW AMP packs)

  • 4 Presets shown in the video demo with 3 scenes each (includes our premium IRs)

  • installation instructions

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