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MARSHY JVM - IK Multimedia TONEX Pack

Includes guitar tones from dirty clean, to pushed plexi, up to High Gain Metal sounds.

Have been developed captures of real Marshall® JVM 401h amplifiers using boutique pedals and a custom cabinet with 4 different speaker mounted in.

The pack includes:

  • 10 guitar presets with capture amp sounds

  • installation instructions

2 AMPs + 8 RIG captures selecting the best combination of microphones and speakers to get grit plexi sounds


  • Marshall JVM 410h


  • Dophix Purgatorio Overdrive

  • Walrus Audio ERAS

  • Taurus Servo

  • MXR 10 Band EQ

  • Zone Pedals Drive Over


  • Mad Steex Custom (4x12 with WGS Green Beret, Retro 30, Reaper HP, and Eminence delta 12A)


  • AKG c451b

  • SE Electronics R1

  • Roswell Mini k47

  • JZ Microphones V11

  • Lauten Audio LA-120

  • LEWITT LCT 240 Pro

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