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"HOTON MAD" - Hotone Ampero II Presets Pack

Updated: 5 days ago

Introducing the HOTON MAD Ampero II Presets Pack, designed to deliver perfect rock and metal guitar tones for your music productions. This new pack is developed specifically for use with the Hotone Ampero II Stage, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance.

HOTON MAD Ampero II Presets Pack have been developed into Ampero II Stage hardware, and it works with the following hardware units:

  1. Ampero II Stage

  2. Ampero II Stomp

HOTON MAD Pack includes:

  • 7 Guitar Presets including also matched sounds of iconic artists (4 presets with cabinet + 3 presets with IRs from our packages).

  • PDF instructions for installation.


  1. Hoton Ampero II Stage or Stomp hardware unit.

  2. Ampero II software

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