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VICTOR V1 Pack - IK Multimedia TONEX Pack

The VICTOR V1 Pack is the perfect addition to any musician's pedalboard. This exclusive pack captures the sound of five of the most iconic Victory V1 series pedals, giving you the ability to shape and customize your tone with ease. With IK Multimedia's precision digital capture technology, you can create and store your own unique sound profiles. Experience the full range of Victory V1 series tones with the VICTOR V1 Pack.

The VICTOR V1 Pack is the perfect package for those looking to capture the signature sound of 5 Victory V1 series pedals. This digital tonex captures the unique tonal characteristics of each pedal and brings them to life with powerful sound processing and control. With this package, you can equip your rig with the classic sounds of some of the world's most iconic pedals. Enjoy the full range of tones and features of these pedals with the VICTOR V1 Pack.

Developed capturing all the 5 guitar pedals with different settings. They are suitable to use both as amplifier directly into TONEX or as pedal as shown in the video demo using it inside Amplitube.

The pack includes:

  • 60 RAW guitar pedal presets (DI Pedal Only)

  • Presets shown in the video demo as Gift

  • installation instructions

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