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SUPER PLEXI - IK Multimedia TONEX Pack

First pack developed for IK Multimedia TONEX Software.

SUPER PLEXI is based on the iconic vintage sound of the Supro® 1699RH Statesman amplifier using high quality and boutique pedals, cabinet and microphones.

Includes guitar tones from gentle bright plexi to pushed rock plexi sounds to cover the vinage 70s/80s sounds

The pack includes:

  • 11 guitar presets with capture amp sounds

  • installation instructions

2 AMPs + 9 RIG captures selecting the best ombination of microphones and speakers to get grit plexi sounds


  • Supro Statesman 1699RH


  • Dophix Purgatorio Overdrive

  • Dophix Michelangelo Overdrive Plus

  • Walrus Audio EONS

  • Walrus Audio Iron Horse V3

  • MXR 10 Band EQ

  • Carl Martin PlexiRanger


  • David Laboga Pro 2x12 (Celestion V30 + K100 Speakers)


  • AKG c451b

  • SE Electronics R1

  • Lauten Audio LS-208

  • Lauten Audio LA-120

  • LEWITT LCT 240 Pro.


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