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UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier - Neural DSP Quad Cortex PEDAL CAPTURE

UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier - Neural DSP Quad Cortex PEDAL CAPTURES


Pedal Description:

The UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier pedal gives you the legendary American tweed tube amp sounds used by artists and producers for decades, from The Eagles to Chuck Berry to Neil Young.
Built on powerful dual-engine processing and UAD modeling expertise, the Woodrow '55 effects pedal packs sweet cleans, rich overdrive, and grungy distortion.


Have been developed the following Captures using different settings: 

Captures with built-in speaker:


  1. Woodrow Best Set JB120 Speaker

  2. Woodrow Best Set Vee30 speaker

  3. Woodrow Best Set Blue15 speaker

Captures of raw pedal without speaker:

  1. Woodrow EPIII Iv10 Mv0 B5
  2. Woodrow EPIII Iv10 Mv0 B3
  3. Woodrow EPIII Iv5 Mv0 B10
  4. Woodrow EPIII Iv5 Mv0 B5
  5. Woodrow EPIII Iv5 Mv0 B3
  6. Woodrow KP3K Iv0 Mv10 B10

  7. Woodrow KP3K Iv0 Mv10 B5

  8. Woodrow KP3K Iv0 Mv10 B3

  9. Woodrow KP3K Iv0 Mv5 B10

  10. Woodrow KP3K Iv0 Mv5 B5

  11. Woodrow KP3K Iv0 Mv5 B3

  12. Woodrow Stock Iv5 Mv5 B10

  13. Woodrow Stock Iv5 Mv5 B5

  14. Woodrow Stock Iv10 Mv0 B0

  15. Woodrow Stock Iv5 Mv0 B0

  16. Woodrow Stock Iv3 Mv0 B0

  17. Woodrow Stock Iv0 Mv0 B0



Best Set: Best setting for the pedal

Stock: Stock channel Switch

KP3K: Preamp channel of Korg SDD-3000

EPIII: Preamp channel of Maestro EP-3 Tape Delay

Iv: Instrument Volume knob

Mv: Mic Volume knob

B: Boost knob


To download our captures/presets you need to have the following requirements:

Wifi Connection.

Cortex mobile app.

Quad Cortex Hardware.



download instructions


IMPORTANT: at the checkout remember to click on "Add Note" and write your Cortex USERNAME (NOT THE MAIL) so we can send you the files!

Remember to follow us searching "PresetsForAll" and "PresetsForAll2"otherwise we cannot send you the files. 


How it sounds? See the official video scrolling the photo

UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier - Neural DSP Quad Cortex PEDAL CAPTURE

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