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Template For Your Productions - DEATH METAL (Cubase Version)

"Template For Your Productions" is a new pack series about music production templates.

DEATH METAL is the first template pack developed and it is based on "I worship Chaos" album by Children Of Bodom.

The pack includes:

  • Cubase Template with 17 mixed and mastered tracks.
  • TSE X50 to load the amp.
  • I Worship Chaos Impulse Response cab.

Enjoy with our new "Ready To Use" template series. Use it wherever you want for your powerful metal productions!

NOTE: before download, read the VST Instruments and Plugins needed to be able to listen properly the right final sounds.

VST Instruments required:

  • Drum: Ezdrummer with combined expansions (Metal Machine, Metal!, Modern kit).
  • Keys: NI Emotive Strings.


Plug-ins required:

  • WAVES: PuigTec EQP1A, SSLGChannel, SSLChannel, CLA-76, CLA 2-A, C6, IRLive, H-Comp, L3 MultiMaximizer.
  • SOUNDTOYS: Decapitator
  • LEXICON: LexPlate
  • OVERLOUD: Mark Studio 2
  • Brainworx: BX Digital V2


NOTE: the project has been developed in Cubase LE AI Elements 8.

Template For Your Productions - DEATH METAL (Cubase Version)

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