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Ramm FlyRig PL-1 AMP Profiles for Kemper

Ramm FlyRig PL-1 AMP for Kemper

AMP profiles developed with a Tech 21 Fly Rig Paul Landers Signature pre-amplifier professionally profiled in recording studio.

Note: The package includes ONLY AMP profiles without cabinet. Anyway are provided our custom IR from David Laboga pack which you can disengage and load your own IR or go directly to a real cabinet for stage purpose.




What you will get:

  • 24 Profile Rigs.
  • Info text of the development


What RIG and AMP mean for Presets For All?

Are available on Store 2 different kind of packages, one is called RIG while the other one is called AMP.

AMP is the simplest to understand, basically is the entire amplifier captured by the Kemper making some profiles in different settings. This package will includes ONLY the RAW AMP signal of the real amplifier captured in different settings.

RIG is what you normally use in a studio to record an album. RIG will involve an amplifier, a cabinet, one or more speakers, one or more microphones, preamplifiers..

Overall AMP package MUST be used with Impulse Responses as cabinet (You can find lot of choices in our store), while RIG package can be used directly or adding some modulation effects as you want.

Ramm FlyRig PL-1 AMP Profiles for Kemper

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