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MARSH JVM410h Kemper LIQUID Profiles

MARSH JVM410h LIQ is a pack for Kemper.

Liquid Profiles developed with a Marshall® JVM410h amplifier alone and with David Laboga Tight Series cabinet and Mad Steex Custom cabinet.


About the TONESTACK for the Liquid porfiling process?

All the profiles have been done with all the knob at the noon (5/10), in this way you can experiment with other stacks.

The JVM 410h has 4 channels and each channel has 3 modes (different gain stages). The Crunch and the OD1 are the same tonestack of the JCM800, while the OD2 is similar but more towards the Soldano® high gain amp.

You can try different tonestack but the JCM800 works fine.




NB: The package includes RIGS and RAW AMPs captured from all the channels (Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2).


What you will get:

  • 36 Kemper Profiles in total.
  • 12 DIs.
  • 12 with Cab1 (suitable for Rock).
  • 12 with Cab2 (suitable for Metal).


Cabinet 1 (More for Rock):

Mad Steex Custom Cabinet

WGS Green Beret Speaker with SE Electronics R1 Ribbon microphone.

WGS Retro 30 with AKG C451B microphone.


Cabinet 2 (More for Metal):

Mad Steex Custom Cabinet + David Labog Tight Series 2x12.

WGS Reaper HP Speaker with SE Electronics R1 Ribbon microphone.

David Laboga Tight Series Mamzer 30 Speaker with Lauten Audio LS208 microphone.



What RIG and AMP mean for Presets For All?

Are available on Store 2 different kind of packages, one is called RIG while the other one is called AMP.

AMP is the simplest to understand, basically is the entire amplifier captured by the Kemper making some profiles in different settings. This package will includes ONLY the RAW AMP signal of the real amplifier captured in different settings.

RIG is what you normally use in a studio to record an album. RIG will involve an amplifier, a cabinet, one or more speakers, one or more microphones, preamplifiers..

Overall AMP package MUST be used with Impulse Responses as cabinet (You can find lot of choices in our store), while RIG package can be used directly or adding some modulation effects as you want.

MARSH JVM410h Kemper LIQUID Profiles

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