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Line6 Helix Metal #1 Presets Pack

The perfect metal tone is arrived!

Helix Metal #1 has been developed for your metal productions based on your suggestions to get a perfect metal tone ready to use, such as Heavy metal, Metalcore, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, etc.

Pack Includes:

  • 10 mix ready Metal Presets.
  • How To Install instructions.



  1. Metal 1
  2. Tight Metal
  3. Extreme Power
  4. Hard Power
  5. Heavy Thin Solo
  6. Extreme Comp
  7. Super Heavy
  8. Black Stereo
  9. Petru Over Time
  10. Finland Children


NOTE: Pack developed in Helix Native 1.7 (Helix 2.6 Compatible)



Line6 Helix Metal #1 Presets Pack

€ 9,99Price
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