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BlueGuitar AMP1 Iridium VINTAGE Pack - TONEX IK Multimedia

"BlueGuitar AMP1 Iridium VINTAGE" is a pack for IK Multimedia TONEX Software.

Developed from the Vintage channel of the BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium amplifier.

Perfect for Plexi tones from 60s to nowdays to super pushed plexi rock tones


NOTE: each single capture has been done in ADVANCED mode, in order to get the exactly same tone as the original.


The pack includes:

  • 18 RAW guitar amp presets (DI AMP Only)
  • Presets shown in the video demo as Gift
  • 4 IRs from our custom packs (for Tonex Only)
  • installation instructions


Have been done the following captures:


  1. BluG Irid V B5 M5 T5 G2 
  2. BluG Irid V B5 M5 T10 G2 
  3. BluG Irid V B5 M10 T5 G2 
  4. BluG Irid V B5 M10 T10 G2 
  5. BluG Irid V B5 M0 T5 G2 
  6. BluG Irid V B5 M0 T10 G2
  7. BluG Irid V B5 M5 T5 G6 
  8. BluG Irid V B5 M5 T10 G6 
  9. BluG Irid V B5 M10 T5 G6 
  10. BluG Irid V B5 M10 T10 G6 
  11. BluG Irid V B5 M0 T5 G6
  12. BluG Irid V B5 M0 T10 G6
  13. BluG Irid V B5 M5 T5 G10
  14. BluG Irid V B5 M5 T10 G10 
  15. BluG Irid V B5 M10 T5 G10 
  16. BluG Irid V B5 M10 T10 G10 
  17. BluG Irid V B5 M0 T5 G10 
  18. BluG Irid V B5 M0 T10 G10


Legend (from left to right):

BluG Irid: BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium amp/pedal

V: Vintage Channel

B: Bass knob

M: Middle knob

T: Treble knob

G: Gain knob



  • WGS Retro 30 - JZ Microphones V11 - pos 1
  • WGS Green Beret - Lauten Audio LS-208
  • WGS Reaper HP - SE Electronics R1 - pos 1
  • WGS Retro 30 - Roswell Mini k47 - pos 1



TONEX SE version or above.

You DON'T need Amplitube 5 software.


Listen the sounds from the official video demo (Scroll the product images)

BlueGuitar AMP1 Iridium VINTAGE Pack - TONEX IK Multimedia

€ 18,00Price
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