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25 TONES | Pod Farm Lead Presets Pack

After the amazing success of 50 TONES, now is available the new presets pack 25 TONES, a lead tones pack.

It works with Pod Farm 2.5 Standard version and the format is .l6t

25 TONES includes 25 guitar presets based on modern metal and past hard rock guitarist, from plexi sounds like Marshall JMP to modern metal sound like Mesa Boogie, Engl, Bogner, Randall etc, from blues style to djent and metalcore style.

You can use it for your productions cause the presets are all ready to use: in the signal chain there is compressor, tube drive, amp, cabinet, delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, octaver etc.

25 TONES | Pod Farm Lead Presets Pack

€ 4,99Price
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