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1 DAY Mastering Service | Sound Massive Everywhere

Give Professional Sound to your songs!

Dedicated Mastering online service, you can get fully high quality results making your songs sound perfect through every kind of audio support.


What is a Mastering process?


Basically it is the final step after get already mixed your song.

The mix sounds low in terms of volume and can sound different depending on which support you are using, car, pc, hi-fi, monitors, headphones, earphones, etc.

This because is missing the mastering process, the final step to reach the perfect tone and commercial levels to be sent on online digital distribution stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud etc) or physical stores in CD or Vinyl formats. 

With this proceess your mixes will sound as best as possible the audio support can!


Why 1 day and not instantly?

Well, we do not use any artificial intelligence to master your song, we simply use the and old way, HUMAN EARS!

We need 1 Day cause the song have to be listened by sound engineer to make any decision on the sound and how to build that, but in this way we can reach the best results.


The service is developed in this way:

  • You purchase the service and will receive instantly all the infos about how to manage your tracks and prepare them to be sent to us in the right way.
  • 1 item in cart means 1 mastered song.
  • 1 revision included.


IMPORTANT: your tracks should had been recorded in 24 bit minimum.

1 DAY Mastering Service | Sound Massive Everywhere

€ 25,00Price
  • You will download a Word file with all the informations about how to prepare your mix. tracks before send them to us to receive a full Mastering service in 1 Day (24 Hours after received the mix songs).

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