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Updated: Mar 6

RIGs developed creating the same sound of the original album guitar sounds of Arch Enemy Melodic Death Metal band, thanks to the tone matching process creating an impulse responses getting the same identical specific guitar equalization.

Note: The profiles have been created starting from the Arch Enemy EQ Match Quad Cortex version pack and then mixed inside the kemper. So is possible to get slighty differences compared to the QC version.


8 Profiles created for the 8 different rhythm guitar sounds in each albums

Instruction file.

Matched albums:

  1. Wages Of Sin (2002)

  2. Anthems Of Rebellion (2003)

  3. Doomsday Machine (2005)

  4. Rise Of The Tyrant (2007)

  5. Khaos Legions (2012)

  6. War Eternal (2014)

  7. Will It Power (2017)

  8. Deceivers (2022)

The video includes the preset sounds, no post eq or post processing, All the video sound demos have been created by Presets For All (Drum, Bass, Guitars).

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